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The Benefits of Providing Drug Abuse Education to schools

Drug abuse refers to the taking of drugs that are not prescribed such as tobacco, cannabis, cocaine among others and the use of alcohol which have an effect on the user’s social, mental and physical well-being. Latest research has shown a reduction in the use of substance abuse in some countries. However, most young people are still abusing drugs and alcohol. That calls for a great need to offer education about drug abuse to schools. Most young people will be at risk of drug abuse if education on the same is not offered in schools. Offering substance abuse education at home will not capture all the young people, and hence, most will not have the opportunity of acquiring the same.

It is usually hard for most teenagers to get an education on substance abuse somewhere else other than school. Comments, thoughts and experiences if education on drug abuse is held in school a thing that would not be possible if held at home. The curriculum in schools showers the learners with knowledge in decision making pertaining their lives and thus it will be very effective to incorporate drug abuse education in the system. Most life skills lessons students learn in schools help them to relate to real-life situations whereby examples are given pertaining to the impacts a drug has on one’s life.

Discipline is a key character learnt in schools which helps most students to refrain from drugs no matter how influencing they may be. In most schools, there are trained people who can offer education on substance abuse. It beats no doubt that drug abuse education given by people who lack the know-how of doing it may bring a negative effect to students in the long run.

Some institutions that allow drug abuse do not pose a good picture as schools do; hence, these institutions are not reliable to offer substance abuse education. School programs advocates for researches and case studies on substance abuse whereby students are able to learn more on the impacts that drug abuse pose in peoples’ life and this helps them to keep off drugs.

Children and the old are not as affected by substance abuse as the youths are. It is, therefore, more effective to offer substance abuse education in learning institutions other than in any other places.

Teachers acts as good examples to their students. It will, therefore, be a success for teachers to administer drug abuse education to learners in schools since there is an assurance that the point will be driven home. It is wise to offer drug abuse education in schools they merge various virtues such as accountability which is key to helping learners to stay away from drugs. For all these reasons, it will be better to entrust the teenagers in the hands of teachers in schools to cater for substance abuse education.

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