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Several Strange Accidents at a Workplace

Ideally, you will experience numerous crashes that happen in a working site. Independent of whether you work in a warehouse or office, there are peculiar set of injuries you ought to safeguard yourself from. However, all the bizarre working site accidents cannot be prepared for in order to take place. Here are various strange accidents that occur in a working site but you can read more as well.

The number one peculiar accident that happens in your workplace is tripping over a loose wheelchair strap. An excellent example of these is where a teaching assistant was given 800, 000 dollars in compensation after she tripped over a loose strap while she was moving a wheelchair at work. The accident led to dislocation of her finger.

In addition to that, you might also experience a peculiar accident at workplace due to deadly perfume. Such a weird accident happened an American call center. The effects of the incident to about 150 people were falling ill by experiencing dizziness as well as shortness of breath. Spraying the perfume was the cause of the accident.

Bear attack is another weird accident you might come across if your work is to feed bears. Being attacked by the bear was not greatly a big shock, since, it was the man that was attacked had put himself in a state that was dangerous.

Hearing damage from the loud clients is another odd accidents that occur at a working site. Am employ claimed to have lost the ability to hear after carrying out customer related duties for decades. Due to the noise from the angry customers, the worker is said to have lost about 20% of the ability to hear. It was, however, impossible for the worker to show that the hearing loss was the fault of the employer.

Losing your sight as a result of a bowling ball is an absurd accident that can happen at the workplace. Construction is a risky job, but nobody would expect the bowling ball to be the source of his accident. A worker however engaged in activities like seeing who could throw the bowling ball the longest distance after finding it on sight. After that the worker tried to break the ball using a sledgehammer. The hammering caused the ball to smash to smithereens with a piece getting into the eyes. After this, the employer lost his eyes.

The lighting may strike causing damage. As much as lightning striking is rare but a consequence of working in the open. A teaching assistant was however struck as he was in the office seating at his counter. It is said to have destroyed the exterior of the window after which it got to the inside through the window. The teaching assistant who was at his office at the time was hit.