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What Collagen Supplements Do to Your Body

For mammals, collagen is an essential protein. This particular protein is found in the connective tissues in the highest concentration. Its main function is to connect and hold together bone, cartilage, muscles, skin, and tendons in the body. When it comes to collagen, it functions more or less like glue but in the body. When made to function with elastin, collagen makes body tissues firmer and adds to their flexibility and strength. Adequate support is provided to the organs and teeth of the body through collagen. As collagen works with keratin, the skin becomes stronger and more supple.

As people grow older, the levels of collagen in their body go down. Collagen deficiency is bound to happen to you when the levels of collagen in your body go down. These signs include wrinkled skin, sagging skin, and lowered joint mobility. You will experience weakened muscles. Just like supplements help to take care of the decreasing levels of vitamins and nutrients of your body, there are also supplements for decreasing collagen content. No wonder why the popularity of collagen supplements has gone up in this day and age.

When you reach the age of 25 years old, the levels of collagen in your body begin to decrease at a 1.5% rate every year. You will get a decrease of 30% once you reach the age of 45. Since the early 70s, a lot of researchers and scientists have already been testing and researching on collagen supplements. According to these studies, the use of collagen supplements not only replaces lost collagen but also it helps to stimulate the production of new collagen proteins in the body.

A lot of people have been known to use collagen supplements to reverse the natural process of aging. Aside from this, taking collagen supplements on a regular basis increases mobility and reduces joint pain. Just looking at these health benefits, you will come to learn that taking collagen supplements is really advantageous. If collagen supplements are taken at the right time, they can serve as an alternative to the surgery that must be done to you like joint replacement. Joint problems are often experienced by senior citizens. These complications are not something that you will be dealing about for the rest of your life if you begin taking collagen supplements.

There are different kinds of collagen supplements that you can choose from. Before you start taking any of them, you need to do an in-depth research first. It would be best for you to even seek consult from your doctor before buying one. Besides collagen supplements in oral form, you also take them in cream or injection forms. What matters is for you to look into your preferences and needs. Thus, taking collagen supplements is a must for younger looking skin and more mobile joints.

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