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Designer Shirts For Men: Find What Fits Your Personality

If you have an eye out for designer men’s wear then you must know that designer shirts have different styles that gravitate towards a specific personality type. All designer men’s wear are unique and all are not made equally. Your clothes reflect your sense of style but speaks loudly of your personality. What you wear speaks volumes of your tastes and the person you are inside. Imagine what the world might think of you if you all you do is pick up shirts from the store and go without putting much effort and thought as to why you chose the shirt.

But for the newcomers who are only beginning to grow conscious about their appearance, there are a variety of men’s wear stores and clothing lines such as the Jared Lang Collection. But before you go out on a shopping spree for what’s hot in the men’s fashion world, it’s best that you first take the time to know more about the various lines and choose which is best. Designer brands have their own identities, they have specific cuts and messages behind that make each and every brand unique. And by choosing the right one, your style will most definitely ooze with your personality.

Here is a short guide to help you find what’s best suited for you and so you can better describe your personality type so you can find the perfect men’s designer shirt.

The Extrovert

If you are an extrovert who just loves being around others and mingling with others, you should opt for bold shirts. Are you simply the type of person that catches everybody’s gaze as you enter the room? Are you outspoken and loud? Are you the type of man who can just say anything he wants and do what he wants? A lively person such as yourself requires lively designer shirts to match.

Artsy Nature

Are you a creative, an artist, a visual storyteller whose mind is drenched full of creativity? Do you despise seeing somebody in the room or a party wearing the same clothing as you do? Have you ever dreamed of making your own designer clothes but just don’t have the facilities to do so? Well don’t you worry about anything my friend! Go wild, you can find a lot of designer shirts and designer brands that allow you bring out the creative mind that you are, you’ll find that their designer shirts also share the same individuality and creativity you possess merging both art and fashion.

The Silent Introvert

If you are the exact opposite of the first personality trait mentioned in this article and you don’t find attention to be appealing. For the guy who has a sense of mystery, not choosing to speak much and only say what needs to be said you also have a designer brand that suit’s your enigmatic nature. Shirts with intricate patterns and artwork that is subtle yet sophisticated and solid neutral tones and classic shades are the shirts that work best for your personality type.

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