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More Information about weird Christmas Traditions in the World

Christmas is usually a moment where people celebrate the birth of Jesus. Christmas period is usually celebrated by so many around the world. Christmas is usually celebrated by many people however in various ways. There are mostly people that prefer spending their Christmas simple and just with simple gifts. Different countries have different traditions about Christmas. Christmas tradition differs from each other for they are some that are heartfelt while others are just practiced for fun and they are creepy. This article offers one with all the knowledge about weird Christmas traditions and practices that are done by various people all over the world.

To start with is the Iceland tradition which requires children to leave a shoe outside at night. Leaving out a shoe at night is mainly practiced in Iceland and children ensure that they leave a shoe outside their house at night. People in Iceland usually practice this tradition 13 days to Christmas. The Yule Land usually trolls along and leaves a gift on the shoe every night.

Iceland people usually believe that they are 13 Yule Lands thus every night of those 13 nights there is a different Yule Land that passes. When the children have been good and obedient they always acquire good gifts, however when they are bad they get a rotten potato on their shoe. Kamprus in Australia is yet another Christmas tradition that is practiced. Santa is a Christmas person that gifts children good presents during the Christmas period. Kamprus in Australia usually comes to punish the evil and also the bad doers among people.

Kamprus has made people in Australia to practice Kamprus run where they all dress like a demon and runs around scaring kids . Another weird tradition that is practiced by people is hiding the broom in Norway. this tradition is practiced along with not sweeping the trash and also putting on fire. Hiding the brooms came along because the Norway people believed that the witches flew around on brooms. When they hide all the brooms they believe to off witches and also the evil spirits that may come into your house and ask for a broom.

Another weird tradition is that of Finland Christmas cemetery. The Finland people believes in celebrating the Christmas with also the dead thus they wake up in the eve of the Christmas and go to the cemetery. Doing so they ensure they pay respect to those that have passed on and celebrate the Christmas with them. Another tradition is the cobweb Christmas tree. This is practiced in Ukraine where they believe that it could ring good luck. One gets to know more about the Christmas traditions that are celebrated by different people.