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Why you Need to Opt for Bioclear Dental Procedure

Bioclear is a new technique in dentistry which is a better way to fix the irregularities of your front teeth. It costs less than the porcelain veneers procedure. It is also not as invasive as the porcelain one. There will be no filing of the existing teeth, for instance, as is the case with porcelain veneers. It will take less time to be implemented and give great results.

You can rely on Bioclear to close gaps between your teeth. It shall also be more durable and more stain resistant than dental bonding. You can also have it done in one visit, unlike the porcelain veneers that need several procedures. It shall be less traumatic on your gums, and can be easily repaired in case they get damaged.

Bioclear is a procedure performed with a set of patented plastic matrices and a semi-liquid tooth-colored composite resin to make your teeth look better and be stronger. The procedure is so effective, people now prefer it to bonding, veneers, and also certain cases of dental crowns. It is liked by many people for its unique and desirable qualities.

It shall close gaps between teeth effectively. Age comes with the increase in the spaces between our teeth. This procedure sees to it those spaces are closed up. You shall also find this to be more affordable, when you look at what else you can go for.

The alternative and previous method of dealing with chipped teeth, closing gaps, and improving the smile were done by bonding, teeth capping and crowns, and veneers. These may have worked, but they left in their wake other dental issues. Bonding, for instance, led to the development of ledges and gaps at the margins that would be a haven for bacteria. The consequence was that you would get stains, chips, cavities, and bleeding gums. Once Bioclear is done, there will not be any ledges and gaps to cause you any trouble. You would instead get fuller, stronger and more beautiful teeth, which would get minimal damage if any in the process.

Porcelain veneers are strong, but you will not see them surviving instances of chipping much. This is more so for people who grind their teeth, or if you have an accident. Chipping is not possible to fix, and so you will have to get it replaced. The costs involved are not cheap. Since Bioclear uses a dental composite, it can be added on, which means there is no need for a replacement. Porcelain veneers also need you to undergo an invasive procedure in which space for the porcelain will be created once your teeth have been filed. Bioclear only needs the composite to be added on your teeth. You will have stronger teeth as a result.

The cost of Bioclear is also significantly lower. This shall cost you almost half of what porcelain veneers cost to have fixed.

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