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The law does not only limit normal citizens but it also poses challenges to business people. Such cases are very unattractive to business. The name of the business can be painted with mad by such cases. When business has a bad reputation means that fewer people can shop or do business with the company and so profits reduce. As a business owner, it is your role to understand any new law that in introduced in the sector. Laws that have been put in place by the government should not be ignored at all because the consequences are unavoidable.

Watching or reading business news can give one an oversight of how such cases are handled. A good example of a business case that you can learn from is the one of the arrests of Vihaan. This is a multi-level marketing company that have been running it business by opening up new branches. This companies operate by recruiting new members that become distributors of the company. This is a company that has diverse products and it deals with quite a number of them. Since it is not a new company in the market, many people know about it. Vihaan was arrested because the QNet was being mistaken for a Ponzi scheme which is not allowed by the law. These schemes, unlike network marketing are banned in almost all countries because they do not supply products and in the end, most of them get away with investors’ money.

Even after the arrest of Vihaan, QNet still worn the case because it was later realized that he was forced to give fake news to save his life and that was a form of abuse of human rights. Being in the business sector means that you have to be wise so that you are aware when your rights are being violated so that you can speak up. If you know about human rights and business rights, you will be able to tell when you are being mishandled and when the police are taking advantage of you. In cases where the human rights are violated, the case might turn around and the blame can be transferred to the police.

You also need to read certain articles that involve business cases such as that of QNet so that in case you are faced by such a situation in future, you will be able to handle it. This case of QNet can be found in the etnownews which have explained into details all that happened during this issue. There are also many more articles that you will find in this site apart from the QNet one and you can also check them out to expand your knowledge.

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