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Different Types of Medical Billing and Coding Errors

Mistakes in medical billing can make a lot of differences when it comes to payments that are made and those that aren’t. Such medical billing errors have to do with data entry or typing errors. Though people often make mistakes, there are errors that involve a lot of money and can result in draining the finances of a healthcare facility. It is up to the medical billers working hard to keep such mistakes at a minimum rate. With effective communication, medical billing errors can be reduced to a minimum value. More often than not, medical billers are fond of making lots of medical billing and coding errors and knowing how they often occur can be very instrumental in preventing them.

Coding has rules and whenever the rules aren’t followed correctly, it results in errors. A simple mistake of missing the right key will mean a different procedure is entered as a code in the system. Such errors are also common in the department that handles documentation before they are taken to the medical billing department. In every healthcare facility, staff should receive adequate coding training to avoid such errors. It is vital for all staff to be aware of accurate coding to avoid various mistakes.

Errors of mishandled overpayments are very common. Claims may fail to process well whenever a client pays too much or too little. Whether it’s overpayment or underpayment, they should be rectified immediately to avoid further problems. Various processing should be done correctly and payers should be notified faster when they haven’t followed the right payment procedures.

Lack of data that occur due to failure in diagnosis that delays payments and result in claim denials causes errors. Miscommunications due to failures in physicians diagnosis information cause a lot of problems. Knowing more about this helps in getting the right codes at all times.

Omissions are often a big reason to various claims denials and the can result in errors. Simple mistakes like not including names, insurance information, sex, addresses, and others can cause a lot of problems in the long run. More often when such mistakes occur, it will delay processing given that patients’ information will not be available. Further delays can result if the wrong information is put into the wrong patient record. To avoid such delays, every billing employee should be keen on ensuring the correct matching of information to ensure success in claims.

There are other errors that often occur and they include upcoding, invalid codes and healthcare tech errors and staff should know about this more. The medical billing staff is very hospital should know more about these errors, medical treatments, and coding systems to avoid such big problems.

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